Rosetta Savelli ‘s Curriculum

Rosetta Savelli’s  Curriculum

Rosetta Savelli’s  Curriculum 

Curriculum L’ author alive ROSETTA SAVELLI has been born to Forli and to Castrocaro Terme. She has published nell’ year the 2003 collection of poems “the MAGIC THAT BLOW to ME FAR AWAY “and story “IRIS AND OUTSKIRTSES “ with the Publishing House “L’ Florence author Books “. With the present works, through the Publishing House, he has participated to 55° the Fair of the Book of Frankfurt, nell’ October 2003. Story “IRIS AND OUTSKIRTSES “have been also introduced in a space of the local television of Teleromagna, nell’ October 2003. In 2006 the SPRING DI JULIA has published the novel ““, with the Publishing House “the Old Bridge” of Cesena. The novel has been introduced in a space of the local television of Videoregione, nell’ October of 2006. E’ introduced state also dall’ author, in the November of 2007 near Bookcase MEGA- MONDADORI, in Forli, with to the critic literary Professor Bigliadori Andrea. ROSETTA SAVELLI has moreover participated to some important prizes literary, obtaining acknowledgments and banns in various anthologies. In 1983 and successively in 1986 it has participated to the 7° and 10° the Edition of the International Poetry Competition ” City of Venezia” – The CONTEMPORARIES, rewarded with the banns in published Anthologies in 1983 and successively in 1986. In 2004 he has participated to 3° the Literary Competition Interlinguistico for the novellistic one: ” Prize Giacomo Rosini” , indetto dall’ Association ” Ars Venandi” of Trento and presided from the famous one and appreciated writer Mario Rigoni Stern. The premiazione has kept 6 November 2004 in River Of the Garda, to the presence of Ministerial Authorities she is Italians who Austrians, to Palace Conferences. L’ Association ” Ars Venandi” it has also l’ intention to awaken l’ individual all’ importance and to the respect dell’ atmosphere in III the Millenium. In 2005 Maria has participated to the literary competition “White men”. Such competition is promoted dall’ Association “Maria White men”, with center in Suzzara (Mantova) and is taken care of attendance to the sick ones finishes them and to the persons in mourning.  The story “TO RENDER AND NOT TO END “has been rewarded with l’ insertion in pantries for the formation course, revolts to qualified staff. The Premiazione has been kept near the “Mignon Theatre” in Mantova, to the presence of Angela Stuade Terzani, as the Competition for l’ year 2005 was dedicated to the husband Tiziano Terzani. The same story “TO RENDER AND NOT TO END “has participated l’ successive year, in the December of 2006, to XIII JOURNALISTIC PRIZE UCSI- VERONA and for the participation has taken advantage of the collaboration of independent daily paper ON LINENS “THE VOICE “. The story “TO RENDER AND NOT TO END “has been published on “VOICE “- ON LINENS, in the month of December 2006. In the same month of December the 2006 and in the successive month of January 2007 “VOICE “- ON LINENS of Milan has published others three storys dell’ author ROSETTA SAVELLI: “THE ETA’ OF SEA “- “MATICKA’ PRAHA “- “BLACK SKY “. It has participated moreover to the literary Competition: “The Storys of the Prione – selection 2006 – tenutosi in the city of La Spezia. Story “MATICKA’ PRAHA “has been marked and rewarded with the publication nell’ Anthology “the Storys of the Prione “- Selection 2006, Editions “Giacchè “- La Spezia. The preface dell’ Anthology has been cured from Michele Loporcaro, journalist of RAI 3, author and ordinary university professor of linguistica Italian historical linguistica romanza and dell’ University of Zurigo.  The Premiazione has been kept near “the Foundation of the Case of the Savings “, in La Spezia. Several articles on local daily paper have been interested all’ author ROSETTA SAVELLI, between which: ” The REST OF the CARLINO” and the review “IN MAGAZINE “. Successively in the june of 2007, ROSETTA SAVELLI has participated to 6° the Literary Prize of Fiabe unknown, indetto from the Municipality of They launch Dè Melegari, in collaboration with Lions Club Val Ceno, the Province of PARMA and other authoritative ones Local agencies. To this Competition it has been marked and rewarded with the publication of fiaba “the L’ EMBRACE DELL’ RAINBOW “ inserted nell’ Anthology “a Blue Fiaba I have supper “6° edition. The Premiazione has been kept near the Castle of Launches Dè Melegari (Parma). Nell’ winter of 2007 has participated to the literary Competition “Beloved Peace, I write to you…” promoted from Emergency, with the filastrocca: “Filastrocca of the peace. Filastrocca of the war”. Quest’ last it has been rewarded with the publication in the volume Anthological “Beloved Peace, you I write “- Vespignani Publisher, 2007, Castrocaro Terme. The proceeds of such volume come entire devolven to Emergency. The Premiazione has been kept near the Communal Theatre of Longiano (Cesena).  Moreover nell’ winter of 2007 has participated to IX the Prize Literary National “Giacomo Natta “, promoted from the Circle Cultural “Smile “of Vallecrosia (Imperia). The President of the Circle is the Professor Francisco Mulè, journalist dell’ To happen in estimated and authoritative Liguria and literary critic, gotten passionate all’ art. In this Competition l’ author ROSETTA SAVELLI has been marked and rewarded with the publication of the poetry: “TO YOU CHILD MINE “, inserted nell’ Anthology “Feelings in field”, of june 2007 to cargo of the Cultural Circle Smile “, supported from the Municipality of Vallecrosia and the Provincial Committee Unicef of the city of Imperia. The Premiazione has been kept near the center of the Smile Circle to Vallecrosia. Nell’ winter of 2008 ROSETTA  SAVELLI has newly participated to the successive edition of the literary Competition: “Beloved Peace, I write to you…”, introducing fiaba “the L’ EMBRACE DELL’ RAINBOW “, already present nell’ Anthology “a Fiaba Blue I have supper “(6°) edition. The same one fiaba, doubly rewarded, thus has been inserted also in the Anthological volume “Beloved Peace, you I write “- Vespignani Publisher 2008 – Castrocaro Terme. The proceeds dell’ Anthology, like for the precedence edition, it comes entire devolven to Emergency.  The Premiazione of the Competition has been kept nell’ August 2008 near” l’ Hotel of the City “, in Forli: present local authorities between which the literary critic Professor Brigliadori Andrea. In the May of 2009, the novel “the SPRING DI JULIA “ it has been introduced near the Mondolibri Bookcase, in Forli. It has entertained l’ author ROSETTA SAVELLI, the poet and writer Viroli Mark. In the July month 2009 Savelli Rosette has newly participated to the Literary Competition ” Beloved Peace, you scrivo” 2009 dedicated to Amnesty International. The poetry ” IF YOU ARE WOMAN THEY WILL SAY YOU THAT YOU MANCA” it has been rewarded 3° the place and it has been published in the Anthological Volume with to the story ” ALICE AND the TERRA” MOTHER;. The proceeds of the sale of the book entire will be devolven to Amnesty. Succesivamente, in the month of August 2009, has been published a story of Savelli Rosetta on the four-month review n. 32 of Arte and Letteratura” CONFINI” , published from the Old Bridge Publisher. The review ” CONFINI” it deserves attention and reading for its great quality or artistic that literary. Nell’ October 2009 l’ author Savelli Rosetta has been marked to Turin, to IV the Competition of Literature of Travel ” The CAPITALI” – CTS – TURIN. It has participated with storys ” MATICHA’ PRAHA” And ” The ELFI OF ROMAGNA”. Entambi the appreciated storys have been a lot. Still Savelli Rosetta will be present in the Antologico” Volume; FLORENCE FOR the CULTURES DI PACE” dedicated to Tiziano Terzani and promoted from the Association ” A TEMPIO FOR the PACE” with the story ” The WORLD IN the PUBLIC SQUARE IN FRONT OF MIA” HOUSE; The Premiazione will keep the 13 – 12 – 2009 in Florence, to Old Palace, in the hall Of the 1500’s to the presence of Angela Terzani in quality of President of the Literary Prize. It will be present also Gino Road in order to withdraw the Prize dedicated to the wife Teresa.  Savelli Rosetta collaborates moreover with reviews on cultural and artistic linens, between which ” PERMANENTE” YARD; , founded from the journalist Antonio Prenna that she is also MARINO journalist SAINT RTV and the feminine review ” SHENOIR” founded from journalist Eva Massari, that she is also journalist of the first independent daily paper on linens ” The D’ VOICE; ITALIA”. Here Savelli Rosetta tells with sincere passion the Artists who meets on the web, between which: The Flauto d’ Gold Kristian Koev, Wireless the preferred  Dj speacker Marco Galli and the Pianista jazz Chis Geith. In the July of 2010 he has been host of the journalist Antonio Prenna all’ inside of television program ” KURSAAL” TERRACE; to SAINT MARINO RTV. The three books published from Savelli Rosetta that they are: ” The Magic that blows to me lontano” , collection of poems, ” Iris and dintorni” , story and ” The Spring of Giulia” , novel they are guarded near the ” Cemetary of the Inglesi” in Florence, situated


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  1. Giuliano Ovando Salemi Gugliotta
    Sabàdo 6 agosto 2011, en Radio, comunicación directa desde Italia con la periodista y escritoro Rosetta Savelli. Hablaremos sobre el desarrollo de la música popular Italiana, en las últimas décadas. Actualidad, Concursos. desde las 9:00hs Argentina… ora italiana dalle 14 alle 15

    Radio FM Master 100.7 mhz -Siempre junto a vos…- Santa Fe – Argentina


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